Which is the best manufacturer CPVC Pipes in India?

What are the characteristics of the best CPVC pipe manufacturers in India? We’ll share the characteristics of the best CPVC pipe manufacturers before telling you which company we consider to be the best CPVC pipe manufacturer in the country.

They provide value to their customers. They offer high quality CPVC pipes at a reasonable price. They don’t give you the lowest price and then tack on stiff delivery fees, stuff the invoice with other fees, or make you wait weeks for the pipes. The ideal CPVC pipe supplier will make the products in India. Then you don’t have to worry about your cheap pipes being stuck in customs during a tariff dispute or being hit with a new bill because of fluctuations in the currency valuation.

The CPVC pipe manufacturers in India deliver the high quality CPVC pipes you expect and meet the industry standards your customers require. Their pipes meet NSF standards for safe drinking water, even if the pipes are going to be used in wastewater systems. There are no fillers or unwanted additives to bring down the cost. You know the functional specifications of the pipe such as its thermal profile and strength before you install it, and you know it will work as designed.

Their products are as good as they promised they would be. For example, the pipe dimensions are certain and stable. You know that the screws and internal diameters are as designed every time. Your installers will not have to apply layers of solvent cement to prevent pipe leaks because of gaps in the fittings. You do not have to throw out their CPVC pipe fittings because some of the pipes go too far in. You will not find pipes with wavy or uneven interiors that interfere in the smooth water flow that was the reason your architect called for CPVC pipe in the first place. Their CPVC pipes and CPVC pipe fittings fit each other and those by any other manufacturer. You know that the pipes are always within acceptable dimensional tolerances. They don’t promise one price and charge you another. They’re consistent and reliable. If changes in material costs will result in higher prices in a few months, they’ll tell you instead of surprising you with a much higher bill on your next delivery. They deliver the pipes when they promise instead of taking your money and sending you the product on their schedule.

Which is the best manufacturer CPVC Pipes in India? Ajay Pipes.

Ajay Pipes has a broad product selection. All of their CPVC pipes meet and exceed industry standards for safety and quality. They are NSF certified. Their products actually meet a number of international standards. For example, Ajay Pipes is a member of the European Electrical Products Certification Association and Engineering Export Promotion Council.

They have a reputation for quality and reliability. The company meets ISO 9001 quality standards. Their CPVC pipes are expected to last fifty years. This and their eco-friendly manufacturing methods are why they are a member of the Indian Green Building Council. They have outstanding customer service, as well.

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