Characteristics of the Top CPVC Pipe Manufacturers in India

How can you distinguish the top CPVC pipe manufacturers in India from the rest? How are they truly different?

Third Party Certifications

We’re not going to tell you to use industry association memberships as a measure of quality or service. After all, several companies can get together to market their product and give each other awards. The certifications that matter are those issued by neutral third party organizations. The ASME and ISO standards organizations are two such bodies. Anyone can say you’re meeting Six Sigma standards, but that can be fudged or be based on product specs that don’t matter to the end user. For example, if the pipes are almost always chemically perfect, you could say you have Six Sigma quality in your manufacturing operations. However, these same pipes may not always fit the fittings.

A better quality standard to use are the neutral, universal third party standards like meeting ISO 9001 quality standards or ISO 14000 environmental standards. The definition of “quality” is clear, consistent and universal. The ideal standards to meet are those that matter most to your end user. In the case of CPVC pipe, it would be the NSF certification. NSF certifications are specific to water quality in the case of plastic pipes. Forget having perfectly formed tubing and know that the pipes don’t leach chemicals into the water and protect that steady stream of drinking water from contamination. Ajay Pipes is the only plastic pipe manufacturer in India to have achieved NSF certification.

Overall Value

The best pipe isn’t going to be the cheapest. It will be the pipe with the greatest overall value for the money. After all, if the pipe is 10 percent cheaper than the competition but 10 to 20 percent of the pipes are defective, you’re paying more per good pipe than you would with another vendor. Another factor to consider is operating life. CPVC pipe can last for decades. Good CPVC pipe can last up to forty years, while Ajay Pipes are rated to last fifty years. For comparison, some of the worst CPVC pipes are reported to fail within five years though they weren’t exposed to incompatible chemicals. The best CPVC pipe manufacturers deliver a product that performs as required for far longer than the competition. You can gauge the expected operating life of the pipe based on their warranty. If they don’t have one, that’s a red flag. If it is unexpectedly short or so limited that it is useless, that’s another indication you shouldn’t do business with them.


It almost isn’t worth it to place an order with a supplier who doesn’t support the customer. Your construction schedule depends on receiving the right amount of product as ordered on time. The worst companies take your money and run. Mid-level firms make pipe but don’t care if you receive it right as it is required by the project. The best companies ensure that you get the product on time or ahead of time, and they may even give you recommendations on skilled installers if your own team is short-handed. Conversely, no plumbing supply company should be ordering you to hire their installers to put in their pipe.

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