What to Look for in Plastic Pipe Fitting Manufacturer India

When you’re shopping for CPVC Pipes Fitting & manufacturers in India, the challenge is knowing which selection criteria to use. We’ll share several factors you shouldn’t use when researching plastic pipe fitting manufacturers and those you should.

Association Memberships

The number of associations and organizations they’re a member of shouldn’t have any bearing on your decision when selecting a CPVC pipe supplier. That looks like a resume or list of certifications, but it isn’t. It simply shows that they’ve paid the fees to belong to said organizations. Being a member of many industry associations has little bearing on their product quality or even customer service. Receiving awards from industry associations hardly matters, since the awards may be for the best quality product out of a mediocre lot or the largest sales volume in the area because they’re the cheapest product. In the latter case, product quality may actually be low, but that’s irrelevant to the people assigning awards.

Per Item Price

Per unit price is a factor, but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. After all, the final price you pay also includes taxes and shipping costs. Instead, you should use the overall value proposition. After all, cheap CPVC pipe fittings that don’t fit the pipes half the time aren’t worth it. When the pipes are of such poor quality that they leak soon after installation or fall apart after just a few years of conventional use, the thrill of that low purchase price is offset by the future business you lose because people hear horror stories due to the damage your cheap pipe choices caused.

Third Party Certifications

Third party certifications are a mixed bag. You should give weight to neutral, third party certifications that are relevant to the product quality. This list includes but is not limited to ISO and NSF certifications. ISO standards like ISO 9001 indicate product quality. For example, a pipe fitting manufacturer actually meeting ISO quality standards will produce pipes that deliver pipes that almost always meet manufacturing tolerances. However, Six Sigma certifications are hardly relevant. You could have ten engineers and managers with Six Sigma certification, but it doesn’t mean the chemical formulation for the pipe will give it a forty year life span or that the pipe fittings will have Six Sigma quality in terms of their fit with the pipes and each other.

The NSF certification is rarer, and it is specific to food and drinking water safety. That makes it the ideal standard to use when searching for CPVC pipe fitting manufacturers. Ajay Pipes is the only CPVC pipe manufacturer in India who has achieved NSF certification.


You don’t have to hire the CPVC pipe manufacturer’s preferred installers. Always give yourself the option to choose an installer you have vetted for quality. However, you want to select a CPVC pipe manufacturer that offers good customer service and especially a warranty. For example, if they won’t offer a warranty for the pipe fittings, the quality of the product is probably poor. If the warranty is so narrow that it is almost impossible to redeem, the quality of their product is suspect. If it is almost impossible to reach their service department whether the shipment is missing parts or the new hot water pipes are warping, you don’t want to work with them.

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