How Companies Can Offer Low Prices on CPVC Pipes And Fittings

What factors go into determining the price of CPVC pipe? And what will increase the cost of CPVC pipe and pipe fittings?

The Chemical Formulation

CPVC pipe costs more than PVC pipe due to the chlorination of the PVC. It can cost anywhere from ten to thirty percent more than a comparable piece of PVC pipe. However, CPVC pipe can be made to meet additional performance specifications. For example, naturally beige unplasticized pipe might be dyed another color. Or you may ask for colorants to make cold water pipes blue instead of while. CPVC pipe is regularly used in hot water piping systems. Directional labels or other printed text on the pipe increases the production costs. Any chemical formulations to make the pipe able to withstand exposure to substances it otherwise couldn’t endure will dramatically increase the cost. Fortunately, PVC and CPVC pipe don’t release toxic chemicals on exposure to high temperatures, so you can often use it as is in sprinkler pipes.

The Amount of Material that Go Into It

Longer pieces of pipe and thicker walled pipe will cost more than shorter, thinner pipe simply because there is that much more plastic used to make it. A secondary effect of thick-walled pipe is that it takes different processes to make it. However, this trend only goes so far. Thin, flexible CPVC pipe that won’t break though it can lay flat and be driven over by a tractor isn’t going to cost a tenth of the price of rugged CPVC water pipes.

Supply and Demand

One factor that affects CPVC pipe price is supply and demand. Unusually narrow or wide pipes may cost much more than standard sizes because there is less demand for them. Manufacturers who literally make tons of the pipe will be able to offer cheaper PVC and CPVC pipe because it has a lower unit cost thanks to mass production. Slow moving pipe has the added cost of storage and inventory control. You can partially offset this by going to the few suppliers that make specific kinds of pipe like irrigation pipes or industrial piping.

You’ll see supply and demand have the greatest impact on the price of various CPVC pipe fittings. There is far more demand for 90 degree elbows than 45 and 30 degree elbows, so they’ll cost less than the versions that are rarely called for.

Administrative Overhead

Companies that go above and beyond the call of duty to engineer rugged and versatile products generally factor those engineering costs into their sale prices. The alternative is to charge you a premium for engineering and consulting prices on a per project basis. Note that it is normal to charge for installation of the pipe if the manufacturer will deliver and install it in addition to make it. After all, you would otherwise be paying someone to put the pipe in your new building’s walls. Tariffs and import fees increase the cost of imported pipes. This is why domestic suppliers are often cheaper than foreign competitors. The cost of third party certifications are generally low on a per-item cost, so don’t expect to pay twice as much for quality water pipes that meet ISO or NSF standards.

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